I facilitate dreamboard sessions from time to time. It could start with only 1 participant. It is a visual, self-discovery, healing and fun experience.

You could organise the same session for yourself, family members, friends or colleagues at anytime & anywhere. A good and purposeful bonding for everyone.

How to do it?



  1. Collect old magazines, brochures or newspapers
  2. Get ready scissors, cardboard/paper, glue, colour/marker pens
  3. Gather your friends/family members/colleagues together or yourself alone
  4. Inhale-Exhale for 3 times…ground yourself & be present. A light music in the background would be nice 😊
  5. Cut pictures/slogans/words which resonate with you. Don’t think, let it be a natural process. Just relax and continue doing it for 30 minutes.
  6. After done with Step 5, you may paste and arrange them on your cardboard. Allow your creativity to surface. You can draw or write to beautify your cardboard too. Please write your name and date of making the dreamboard on the cardboard.
  7. Share from your heart what you’ve pasted on your cardboard with the attendees eg. I dream to visit Eifel Tower because ……, I wish to build a village for needy kids in Cambodia because…. etc etc {Note: This serves as your affirmations}.
  8. Repeat the same for each attendee.
  9. Paste your cardboard in your room / workstation or anywhere convenient for you to see them all the time.
  10. Take actions towards your dreams.
  11. Repeat this exercise every 3 or 6 months to lead you in achieving your dreams.
  12. Good luck!

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