Written from the heart, with authenticity and simplicity, LUMINATE inspires you to reflect your current state of life, unfold your inner potential step-by-step, move towards your (real) dreams and celebrate your life every moment. You simply could create and live life the way you want it to be in YOUR OWN WAY. LUMINATE thyself!! Place your order here: Price – SGD20/- per copy, duly autographed For bulk order 10 copies or more, please contact


书面的心脏,与真实性和简洁,铝酸盐激励你反映你目前的生活状态,展现你内心潜在的一步一步,走向你的(真正的)梦想和庆祝你生活的每一刻。您只需可以创建和活的生活,你希望它是在你自己的方式的方式。铝酸盐你自己! 请将您的订单在这里: 价格 – SGD20/ – 元一份,正式亲笔签名 对于批量订单10份或更多,请联系

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